Dry fit and trim the new piece for a good fit. . Sounds like a plan except the core is shot. The inboard is mounted on a short heavy stringer so I drilled 1/2" holes every foot of the wet stringer down to the floor fiberglass. . Normal usage of the boat can result in the stringers being worn out. Pour several pounds into a large container, like a drywall compound bucket — or better yet, two or more — and leave the buckets out in different parts of the boat before covering for the winter. It seems to have soaked up water; but can't dry out. It is still solid; but HEAVY! When the tank leaked out it looks like the water from the blackwater tank got into the stringers through the limber holes and is slowly seeping back out into the bilges. You could get most of the water out but the leftover plywood would have the structural integrity of dust. Prepare the surfaces for bonding. I vaccuumed it out the best I could and dried everything with a rag. I noticed on a big Sea-Ray they have access plates in the stringers, about 7" or 8". in many/most fiberglass boats is made of wood . He asked what you can do to protect wood components of a boat from rotting. All surfaces should be clean, dry and sanded. It had been in a heated dry … You can easily employ your skills to achieve excellent results. plywood for the most part. Using the same species of wood as the existing core,trim a new piece of core material to fit the size and shape of the core in the removed stringer. In the spring, you'll find the dry crystals fused into a mass … If you’re looking for a used boat, you’ll want to go over it with a microscope and make absolutely, positively sure it doesn't have any of these 10 common problems - which commonly go unnoticed. A few hours before seeing his post I had just gotten off a ten year old Sea Ray 390 Express that had rotten structurals everywhere, including the hull stringers that were completely wasted. I'm surprised you are getting wet readings on such a new boat along with 24mos. The reinforcing structure (bulkheads, stringers, etc.) His request couldn't have come at a better time. Wet out all contact surfaces of the hull and core. Boat Buyers Beware: 10 Hidden Problems to Look For in Used Boats. It is sitting in the San Diego sun so I will wait a couple of weeks for it to dry out and fill the holes with Smith's Penetrating Epoxy to tighten up the wood. The foam too- it may have been closed cell in 1967; but it is more like a sponge now and was saturated- and HEAVY. Making sure your boat stringers are healthy and strong is an essential part of fibreglass boat maintenance. Repair work on fiber-glass boats is not as cumbersome as you may have imagined. of heated storage. Now, This gets me curious about the condition of the stringers. Although it’s possible to replace small sections of the stringer, it’s often easier to make a full replacement which ensures there is no remaining damage left below the deck. The tendency for wood to retain moisture and eventually rot, is a major concern as a fiberglass boat ages. As a result, the repair work on stringers is a usual task that you may need to carry out occasionally to keep your boat in shape. Here is a pic of me digging out the wet plywood from my cockpit sole. Plywood falls apart after being soaked in water. I had high moisture readings on my previous boat, ended up repaired all the long and lateral stringers via drying and epoxy fillers, the good news is that the boat was a 1988 cruiser with a history of moisture uptake(dry rot).
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