Note:  If you need to select a window, set a delay. Click and drag the area you want for the screenshot. It would be a great UX feature. I don’t know if that is something that you all would like to be done by default but I certainly would. For example, in my case, I entered /home/himanshu/Desktop. The Screenshots folder is now restored to its default location that Microsoft intended. And set the default folder. Create the directory/home//Pictures/Screenshots then set the key with the following command: mkdir -p ~/Pictures/Screenshots gsettings set org.gnome.gnome-screenshot auto-save-directory ‘file:///home//Pictures/Screenshots’ (replace by your username) With Ubuntu 17.10, I have installed the Unity desktop package (because, strangely enough, I like Unity). Gnome Screenshot. If you have GNOME and Wayland, the virtual machine method is best. To take screenshot simply hit PrtSc button on your keyboard and the screenshot of your entire desktop will be taken and saved as *.png file inside your ~/Pictures directory. Go to Accessories and click on Take Screenshot or press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. However, assuming you’re talking about gnome-screenshot, making the save directory configurable is a known issue upstream and tracked in Bug 691710 - Save screenshots in Pictures/Screenshots? Enjoy! This command in similar to use print screen or using screenshot tool. The screenshot will be now put on your GIMP interface where you could make any changes to it. Press Yes and, in the Screenshots Properties window, click or tap OK. Shutter is a screenshot tool in Ubuntu Linux. 2. The shortcut keys will vary from computer to computer. Here’s an example. If you desire to capture a certain window, then simply press “Alt” + … The first thing I want to learn how to capture screenshot on Ubuntu because if I have any issues I Just need to take screenshot of the issue on Ubuntu and I can post in Ubuntu help forms for answers. $ gnome-screenshot -w Take Screenshot After Some Time Delay: To take screenshot after some delay in seconds, use the command “gnome-screenshot -w -d 2” to take screenshot. In the mean time you can configure it by setting the key org.gnome.gnome-screenshot auto-save-directory to the location you like. Easy ways to capture Screenshot in Ubuntu Linux Operating system: There are several ways of taking screenshots In Linux. I take a lot of screenshots, many times I’m too lazy to copy-paste some text or create a bookmark so I just take a quick screenshot. How to Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy S4, Take Screenshot on Alcatel one touch Mobile Phone, Capture Screenshot on OnePlus One Mobile Phone, Capture Screenshot On LG G Pro Lite Mobile, How to take Screenshot On MacBook Air / Pro (Mac OS), Capture Screenshot On HTC One Max Phablet, If want to set delay: $ gnome–screenshot –w -d 2. Using Keyboard shortcuts. Screenshot can also be defined like it captures the visible items on the monitor. I am Prem Krishnan Palanisamy Who is extremely Passionate about technology and business. It’s just a bit more involved, and you need to write a short script to do it. Navigate to File > Create > Screenshot. @KristijanZic it is far too late for 17.10 unfortunately, feature freeze is behind us and the release is this week, but it is a good idea for 18.04. Launch the Dconf-Editor: And head to org -> gnome -> gnome-screenshot: Now, change the value to the 'auto-save-directory' field to the complete path to the new default directory. Screenshot image can be saved as jpeg, png, gif, bmp, pdf, ps or svg and can be uploaded to image hosting site using FTP credentials. Click Take Screenshot. Click and drag the area you want for the screenshot. Now in the “Save Screenshot window”, enter the file name & choose the folder to save. But there’s a lot more you can do with keyboard shortcuts than take screenshots of the entire screen.
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