She will give you a key to the fortune-teller's caravan. But the 200 gold she'll pay you may not be worth the trip. It’s worth noting that the fiery-blooded Draugr aren’t as susceptible to the Blades of Chaos as the icy Reavers are, so swap to your axe and fists if you want (or continue to use the Blades as a crowd control weapon). The trap revolves around two giant wolves that devour the Sun and Moon. Note that the sarcophagus in the northeast corner, directly next to the eastern exit, contains boots of the sun soul +4, monk-only boots that grant +2 to dexterity and +4 to AC. Ignore the vast riches that ring the vault and focus on the task at hand - you’ll need to find a way to get past each of the floating rings that guards the Black Rune. Abilities: Hit Dice: d6 Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Light Armor Skill Points: 4 (Plus Intelligence Modifier Bonus). J'Nah orchestrated the attack on Hilltop. Once you've dealt with her in the manner of your choosing, return to the entrance or climb up the boulder in her chamber into the minogon room above. It's also really difficult at times. If you attack Kel-Garas, you can quickly defeat him by placing the rod of blight into the altar. Shock Arrows also work well with the upgraded chain lightning to damage both foes at once. If you do kill him, wait until he has given you the inkwell, or take it from his corpse. However, she only has an AC of 20, so even with her 135 hit points, you should be able to do significant damage quickly if you or a henchman can get in close and start swinging. The shadowdancer is a great prestige class for rogues, though the high skill requirements make it somewhat prohibitive for other classes. Make sure you rest up (and teleport back to Hilltop for supplies if needed) between battles. If you show Fiona Glendir's promissory note, she will give you some boots of reflexes +3. Accompanying each of them are four sixth-level medusa handmaidens. Kill everything, and then head down the hole into the hive. After you begin spotting its tracks, it will eventually appear. A successful persuasion skill check will cause Bethsheva to reveal the location, which is a woodpile behind the smith. Note that several of the blackguard's abilities are based on charisma--for that reason, characters with high charisma make superior blackguards, while half-orcs might find less benefit from the class. That is the safe path back. Note that the two stone doors on either side of the temple cannot be opened at all. The chest is located in the middle of the area. I mainly record CoD, Destiny, mainly FPS. Quest: A Cure for Drogan Ask Ayala if there's anything you can do to help Drogan. Place the shank of meat on the empty altar, and the beast will be lured to it for a brief moment, allowing you to cross the central area in safety. If you enter the room, the gates will shut and a manticore will come bounding at you. And once you step in, Kel-Garas will appear again. Shop with confidence. When the lich is dead, search his body for the dark wind. In addition, there are numerous skeleton warriors guarding him. He will inform you that they fled to the north. Battle Horror C. Helmed Horror D. To Second Floor. Otherwise, you can just let them go or kill them. His challenge rating is high, but he isn't all that tough if you can get in close--and if you aren't dealing with his minions simultaneously. He says that if you bring him a rod that the chief possesses, he can open the passage. D&D Beyond If you haven't retrieved Mystra's hand from your footlocker, do it now. Each is level eight, and at least one of them will prove incredibly challenging depending on what class you are playing. If you sit on a throne that corresponds to your alignment, you will be healed and have enhancement spells cast on you. Once the room is safe, speak with Ayala. In the first room you pass, you'll find four coffins containing some random, medium-value loot. Primarily, you now have control over their equipment. Plan on doing some motorcycle videos in the future as well! The other day I got to the part where you find Odin's stash under Tyr's Temple where they find the missing middle panel to Tyr's lore box thing. He will show you his black-market goods, which include some decent low-level magic items. There's one more thing to do before leaving the farm. If you don't persuade them to swap hostages, you can either let them go or ambush them. When given the option, choose "Return to the grave, ye bones" and attack the skeleton (a seventh-level fighter). The fire emitting from their body will harm you, however, so try to avoid them. This ancient spirit needs you to play exterminator. Speak to her. Inside you will find the desert's fury--a weapon that does 1d8 fire damage and offers a +1 attack bonus and a +2 bonus against the undead. BioWare have been kind enough to put all that in the background. You'll get to see what she's been hiding under that hood, and the interlude will end. Karsus will explain why he is being punished and allow you to read his confessions. As you enter the inner catacombs, you will see a large statue of Jergal. Note that obtaining the wine from the temple will disable the Jasmeena's Offer quest. Have Atreus aim for their faces or throw your axe to stun it then get in close. Wait in one of the corners for them to come apart and find a clear path to sprint through quickly. Once you've answered the riddles correctly, Riisi will give you some focus crystals. Death Attack: With every other level, starting at the first level, this special sneak attack becomes more deadly. This resistance increases as the assassin becomes more powerful. Buy what you need before returning to your home plane. Head into the barn and kill the two kobolds inside. The phylactery of ice helps level the playing field. To the High Forest B. Kobold Cells C. Slave Pen D. Glendir E. Beastmaster F. Chief's Cavern G. Chief's Treasure Room H. To Underground Ruins. After talking to Gishnak, head into his treasure room and loot it dry. The devil, though visually intimidating, is only level eight. At level 10, the concealment bonus is increased to 20-percent, the AC bonus to +4, and the damage reduction to 10/+3. Next Secrets and collectibles Muspelheim and Niflheim Prev Secrets and collectibles Helheim. The one nearest the center will be empty, while the one closer to the switch will have a shank of meat. Before entering the Temple of the Winds, return to Ashtara at the asabi camp and stock up on potions. Once the kitchen is clear, remember to grab them. Take the passage on the left to a veritable hallway of death - two giant spinning saw blades move in and out, and there’s a tunnel to the right for Atreus to climb past. You must be an elf or a half-elf, and you must have taken the weapon focus feat for either shortbows or longbows. Although the skeleton blackguard you are about to face is only seventh level, he is incredibly tough. Note that if you helped Nimaldor, there is a fast way to take out the kobolds. What about the mage? Now you can exit Tyr’s Temple via the elevator (look for the doorway with the arrow sign), and have Atreus use the sand bowl to ride it straight up to the top and exit onto the bridge. Don't ask too much about her background. This is the order in which you want to flip them: northwest switch (red circle), southeast switch (black-and-white checkerboard), southwest switch (blue chevron), and northeast switch (yellow blocks). When you receive the message that you hear strange sounds nearby, you will be close. Note that one of the doors will open, and a colored light will appear over the lever. Go to the smith and speak with Fiona, who will give you the sword. The door leading to the golem emporium is locked, with a DC of 18. Return the baby to Adam or, if Adam is dead, take it outside to Nora. Many of these begin and end simultaneously. The Division 2 Update 12 Is Live, Patch Notes Here, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Remake Delayed, By Now you can use the final wheel mechanism to lower the vault down - and deal with a devious trap. He's a level-one humanoid/level-five barbarian/level-two rogue, and he can be fairly tough if you're in the dragon cave early on. As you've probably noticed, she cannot be harmed. There are four of these, and the switches that open them are located in the caverns in the corners. Then head down into the underground ruins. Thus begins the Identifying the Crystal quest. Tyr lost his hand while fighting Galakrond. Finally, speak with the minister. One, however--Temple of the Winds--Rites and Rituals--explains how to restore the power of the ark. If the blackguard's level is more than twice the target creature's hit dice, the target is instantly destroyed. The kobold hiding behind the broken table directly opposite the stairs has the cards. Then, you have to enter a crack on the right to reach the other side. Prerequisites: Alignment: Evil Skills: Hide (5 ranks) Feats: Cleave. An endless army of disturbed come from the sarcophagi, so make your way to each one and destroy it. The path of the arcane archer is fairly restrictive. They are level six, and they can petrify you with their gaze. Note that this bonus applies only to non-magical arrows. If you do it quickly, Adam Blake will survive. The bloodied altars hold the secret to dealing with the tentacle beast. Read "The Confessions of Karsus" to return to the library. Note that there is no way to avoid fighting J'Nah. Tyr's Temple: 1 Nornir Chest #1: Behind the Spiked Traps in Tyr's Vault (Symbol of Bounty) As you move through the story, you'll come to Tyr's Vault. The high arcanist's room contains a chest that's locked with a DC of 25. Whichever way you deal with the situation, the oasis will be restored, and the caravan can continue on to the encampment. Quest: Rescue My Family Enter the Blake home and kill the kobold waiting in ambush. Nimaldor will also give you the key to open the eastern passage on the upper level, which begins the Elven Test quest. He will present you with a riddle: "A woman has five children and half of them are sons. Paladins rejoice. A. Rope to Gnoll Cave B. You want to make a deal with Gishnak and convince him that you intend to kill J'Nah--he will offer the services of his gnoll soldiers when the time comes, but in exchange you must kill no more gnolls and not steal anything from them. Notice the remnants of a large battle--gnoll and kobold corpses abound. As you approach this house, Nora Blake will run up and ask you to save her family. However, you'll need to fight several mummies to get to it. If you're having trouble, lure them out of the main hall, shut the door, and pick them off one by one. If the chief agrees to the arbitration, bring Klumph to Chief's Cavern. Where appropriate, the quest is linked to its section in the walk-through. Enter the caravan and return the cards to Daschnaya. You will return to hell, only to find that Karsus has been redeemed. Is this possible?" Tyr’s Vault Nornir Rune Chest puzzle solution in God of War How to Open God of War Tyr’s Vault Chest? Put the materials in the grinder to make a focus crystal. Try to get in and attack him as quickly as possible, and leave his minions for after his temporary death. The shadow lich is a third-level undead/14th-level wizard. The Temple of the Winds, First Floor A. Inside, you will be attacked by more mephits and elementals. Once you have the hand, leave the Elven Crypt. Now return to J'Nah, or go find Deekin, if J'Nah is already dead. Place the Winds of Hel in the outer ring after taking it from the inner ring, then climb back down using the chain. There are two battle horrors, each 13th-level constructs, and two helmed horrors, also 13th-level constructs. Use Leviathan to freeze a trap for a moment. Characters with normal intelligence or high wisdom will be given an extra option: "Where treasure lay..." Otherwise, your choice of opening lines has no effect other than the setting of your battle against the wise wind. Also in the center of the room are two chests and two weapons racks, each with low-level treasure. Luckily, you don't have to. Quest: The Kobold Prisoners The warden is not too tough, and you'll need to kill him for his key. To kill Tymofarrar, she will give you the phylactery of ice, which will turn you into a frost giant for a short period of time. Otherwise, you will have to buy the kobold's freedom. You can also choose to kill Nimaldor, and if you attempt to open his sarcophagus he will attack you (Nimaldor is a level-five undead). If you take the horns to Ferran, you can convince him to give you his longbow, which provides +2 for spot skill and +1 for your attack rating. These foes look like Trolls in that they use a giant pillar to fight with - and it stands to reason that they can also be countered like a Troll. The main hall has three concentric rings that require you to use Hel's Wind … And you'll feel better for not having to set the game to "easy.". While Jews around the word pine for the rebuilding of the Temple, you might as well get some practice! Examining the statue will reveal two large rubies for eyes. Once she is dead, grab the dragon's tooth, loot the hall, and leave the gnoll caves. The walls vanish and reappear, and you just need to find your way around in spite of the ever-shifting passageways. You must collect three winds and place them in the depressions. You can enter the temple and persuade the minister to set up a deal with Musharak, in which Musharak will share his profits with the church in exchange for a supply of wine. Note that you can also affect how your henchman trains when gaining a level. They're filled with falling rubble and slaads, and you'll need to make your way through the dilapidated environments to the portal in the dead center. Take the potion while fighting an element, and have it chase you into a hallway that is not currently safe. You have to rearrange the symbols of the Moon, Sun, and Midgard so that the correct wolf is devouring the correct celestial body. Help the master jumper, and he'll open the blocked passage. At this point, with Atreus by your side and most of the Mystic Gateways active, you’ll be able to fully explore many areas, and revisit old locations to bypass puzzles that stopped you before. The only thing of interest here, other than the fire elemental floor lamp, is Dagget Filth. Quest: Torias's Request Once you have supplied Musharak with a supply of wine, you can buy a bottle from him. A. Caravan B. Bedine Camp C. Catacomb of Al-Rashid D. House of the Morninglord E. To the Tomb of Kel-Garas. At the seventh level, he or she can summon a doom knight. Note that if you already spoke with J'Nah and agreed to kill Tymofarrar, he will try to make a counterproposal. Poison Save: The second-level assassin gains a natural resistance to poison, with a +1 fortitude bonus against poison. The shadowdancer receives this ability at the first level. Find that pillar and press the button. Alternately, you can return to Hilltop before saving him and speak with Fiona for a meager reward. When you agree to kill J'Nah, the quest begins, and the dragon will give you a powder that will help in your fight. Once you have the cloak, return to the lower level. The belt is worth buying if you can afford it--it offers +1 damage resistance and allows you to cast haste once a day. If you want to finish the test before proceeding, return upstairs and use the key given to you by Nimaldor on the door in the eastern passage. Kill them, then head to the cave they were speaking of, noted on the map. Rescue Glendir and Horns of the Shadow Hart can both yield minor loot if you return to Fiona and speak with her before solving them. The next fight may be the most difficult yet. Shadow Evade: At the fourth level, the shadowdancer gains this ability, which increases concealment and improves as the shadowdancer gains levels. If you kill the kobolds, search Urko's body for the mummified hand, ending two quests with one kill. A. One such puzzle is that of Tyr’s Vault, which sees Kratos and Atreus encountering a giant spinning sphere of blue energy. The switches on either side of the hall will slow the rate at which the fireballs shoot, but if you flip the switches too many times, the rate will return to its fastest setting. Watch out as Nightmares appear to try and distract you - place the Winds of Hel in the receptacle then latch onto the Nightmare to toss them aside. At the beginning of the interlude, the caravan is attacked by stingers. The other, however, contains a story titled "The Beggar's Love.". Before attacking the kobolds, talk to their leader, Urko. Inside the coffins you will find, among other less significant items, a monk's belt (a monk-only item that adds the improved critical feat and weapon specialization to unarmed strikes and allows you to cast haste once a day), gloves of the long death +3 (a monk-only item that adds three points to your attack bonus, as well as two points of cold damage), and a helmet of discharge (which adds 25 points to your electrical resistance). But you will want to at least kill Tymofarrar for her to get some experience. On the second floor of the temple, your goal is to flip each of the levers in order to unlock the doors to the chamber of the mythallar. Your reward for reaching the other side safely is the cloak of Ascalhorn, which gives you damage resistance against bludgeoning. Turn Undead: At the third level, the blackguard gains the ability to turn undead creatures. Look at the lights shining on the tiles. To open it, he has to blow out the two candles on either side of the door. Craft Harper Item: This ability allows the harper scout to create a potion once a day. If you take the rubies, the statue will come to life and attack. The shield guardian will assume you are a fellow guardian after you assist it in killing the slaad. There is a great deal of opposition--almost every area is crawling with monsters. In each section, there are two bloodied altars. There is only one shield guardian in the east fragment, residing in the library in the southern section. With the wise wind in hand, return to the library. But why not just kill them both? Entrance B. Unfortunately, he will disappear before you can kill him. You can't open the glowing chest, ever. Elves and characters with search skills will be able to bypass the danger--there is a secret door directly behind the statue of Jergal. His ability to execute lethal attacks from the cover of shadows makes the assassin a very deadly opponent. You will be transported to a wood. For a complete list of the quests broken down by journal entry, see the Quest Checklist section of this guide. They aren't tough opponents, but be aware of the stinger archers, who can burrow underground and lead your henchman and summoned creatures further and further away. Instead, their abilities enforce their role as information gatherers for the harper organization. You may recall, from your conversation with Urko, that Deekin possesses the tower statue. Three of these lead back to the surface. You can also attempt to persuade Yazka to help you attack the kobolds so she will be leader. You'll have to answer three riddles (or two, if you answered the "five children" riddle earlier). He'll mostly lie to you, but if you want you can eventually get the truth out of him and learn that he's Fiona's brother. The second floor is much easier. The northeastern cell contains several captured kobolds. The last pair of saw blades don’t retract, but they do have exposed gears you can freeze. Even if you kill Tymofarrar, she will attack you. You can always come back and pick a different henchman, but your basic choice should be easy. Take the wine to Torias, and in exchange he will give you an amulet of natural armor +2. She also had an aura of fear. Doing this immediately, however, will cause you to miss some important information. He will tell you that if you can get him freed from his servitude, he will give you the statue. Becoming a blackguard isn't difficult, though you will need to waste a fair amount of skill points boosting your hide skill if you are a fighter before selecting the prestige class. Proceed through the desert to the bedine camp. Before solving the corridor puzzle though, nab the wind from one of the spinning discs and put it in the trap … It is a 10th-level construct with a 25 strength rating and a moderate challenge rating. Throw everything you have at the undead guardians. This skill can be used once per day. The common notation for dice in D&D is XdY, where X is the number of dice, and Y is the type of die rolled. When you enter the portal room, you will face several slaads, including an 11th-level gray slaad that will pose a serious challenge. Other classes will have a chance to speak with Kel-Garas, who will try to bargain with you. You can attempt to persuade Urko to give you the hand, but if you fail the kobolds will attack you (if you successfully persuade him and let him live, he will help you later). The butler has the key to the sarcophagus, but you can freely enter the tomb and take the ring, so long as you close the door and he doesn't see you. Note that this damage is not multiplied when calculating the damage for critical hits. Note that shadow evade and summon shadow, however, will continue to improve. Before heading up to the third floor, however, you need to search the garbage on the floor. Temple of Tyr is a short level with couple collectibles. In the first chapter, your only choices are Xanos and Dorna. Note that if you enter the hive through the minogon room, you will avoid a great deal of fighting and be taken straight to the queen. Follow the conversation thread that begins "There is need for you in the village, but you go about it all wrong," and he will ask you to retrieve his sword. Speak to him, and he will tell you about his love for Jendra, who has been kidnapped. With every other level gained, the arcane archer receives a +1 bonus, beginning at first level, with a maximum of +5. If you have the animal empathy skill, speak with any of the dogs running around the area. You can start the A Cure for Drogan quest by asking if there's anything you can do to help Drogan. You will be given a selection of opening lines. As you make your way through the ruins, you will pass numerous statues. Tymofarrar will make a deal with you to kill J'Nah (which begins the Tymofarrar's Revenge quest), and in exchange offers you a reward of your choosing. Otherwise, use this handy guide and press the buttons in this order: When the portal has been reopened and the cutscene is over, enter the portal. To the High Forest. This begins the Spider Infestation quest. Note that if you use a stone to flesh spell on any of these, they will come to life and attack you. Given by (or taken from) Tymofarrar, This is one of the four missing artifacts, Give the Shadow Hart Horns to Fiona the smith, 1 cold damage, massive criticals (1 damage), Dropped (or presented) by leader of kobold gang, -1 attack and damage, 1d8 damage vs. undead, +2 saving throws vs. negative energy, +1 enhancement, poison: 1d2 constitution damage, +1 attack, 1 fire damage, good alignment only, Dispel Magic (1x/day), special propertie, light source, Only paladins will be able to access the chamber, Given by Fiona if Piper has asked for his sword, +2 enhancement, chance of Blindness on hit, evil only, Reward for killing Ali at Kel-Garas' request, 1d8 fire damage vs. undead, +1 enhancement, +2 enhancement vs. undead, Found in sarcaphogus after solving rune stone puzzle (1 of 4 possible), +1 attack, bonus level 1 spell, light source (Cleric only), Hilltop West, Community Hall, Gilford's shop, +1 attack, Endure Elements (2x/day), massive criticals (4x), +1 Animal Empathy skill, Found on body of stinger warrior near temple stairs, Cure Critical Wounds (2 charges), Divine Power (3 charges), Flame Strike (3 charges), good or neutral clerics only, 1d8 fire damage vs. undead, +1 enhancement, +2 enhancement vs. undead, Flame Arrow (3x/day), sorcerer and wizard only, Oasis of the Green Palm, Catacomb of Al-Rashid. You can weed them and balance the playing field a little. The chest is empty, and the doors will close, trapping you inside. The slaves will also mention another who was captured and taken somewhere else--Glendir. This maze may seem confusing at first, but it actually isn't a maze in the traditional sense. Head to the farther tall bridge to find one last Shatter Crystal to break that leads to a Hidden Chamber of Odin, hiding two Family Heirloom Artifacts, two of Odin’s Ravens and an imprisoned Valkyrie. Smite Good: At the second level, the blackguard's charisma modifier is added to his or her attack roll when fighting opponents of good alignment. As he's casting his spell, you must solve the pillar puzzle. Along the way, she will send you telepathic messages. On the skeleton you will find a ring of magic defenses (cast dispel magic once a day, +2 to spellcraft and spell resistance), a necklace of fireballs, and an ointment of stone to flesh. Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide uses simulated dice. The boss is level 50 and will start to spawn extra enemies as well. If you lose the contest, Rumgut will lock you up with Becka, at which point you can wait until the rat appears and then go through the secret tunnel through which the rat entered.
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