If floating floors are installed without a proper moisture barrier between it and the subsurface, accumulated moisture from water vapor or water damage can cause edge-warping or buckling. I'm surprised that these planks flex that easily over short distances as they are about 5" wide by 1/2 inch. Maybe it keeps it from banging loudly when you walk across, but you still feel the bounce. Yes very much like walking on spongy ground. Show More. Thus, your subfloor has low spots and the laminate “floats” above the floor until you step on the low spots and your weight pushes laminate down to make contact with the subfloor. A laminate floor that feels spongy can be caused by any of these 5 conditions: an uneven sub-floor, an underlayment issue, an expansion gap issue, water damage, or termite damage. The issue can be fixed by securing the joists using 2" screw decks. The installer did a very nice job on the fit, appearance and trim work but the softness and movement was not something I expected. Show Less. When you step where a piece of wood lies beneath the plywood, it feels solid; when you step between the wood, it feels spongy. Some people, including myself, find the experience unacceptable. If you care more about ease of installation then floating … Its very subtle and only noticeable when you walk on the seams of the flooring. That is a critical step and cannot be skipped or you end up with what you have. Feeling like you are walking into the unknown and not sure if your legs are going to give way does not give you much confidence. The underlayment was intended to serve as a humidity barrier, insulator, sound deadener and softener. 5 ... all the answers are wrong the reason its sponge because you did not even out the sub floor underneath you could snap it back of put some filler down and snap back the laminate in place that should be all you need laminate floor… This introduced a certain amount of bounce. In fact when I watch my wife walk on it, I can see it bend and move where her feet are. If the sub floor is not strong enough to span the distance between the floor joist, trusses or supporting beams, then sponginess may occur. This condition allows the floor to give slightly when you step. However if the brake was pumped while braking, I would get my full brake force. I think it really depends on the flooring type too. For the flooring industry, that is ¼ inch in 10 feet or ⅛ inch in 6 feet. Wondering if we would have the same results with a different non-bamboo engineered floor. I think air getting pushed up under the floor when it would kick on. It still dips a bit but it could be b/c it was being held up for the last week by an air pocket. A flat surface would be one which falls within the manufacturer's specifications for a flat surface. Loose Subfloor: If the spongy floor is caused by the loose subfloor than it simply means that the subfloor is not properly attached at the joists. If you are getting a "Tapping" (I'm assuming a floating floor with no padding) then this indicates vertical movement which can over time stress and break the connecting tabs on the planks. Homes on raised foundations Everything I have read says it should be a floating floor, but it seems so squishy. These floors tend to have a bit less give though, making them slightly less comfortable to walk across. It is common to feel vertical movement, or a spongy feeling when walking across a floating wood floor. Most floating floors will feel "different" when walked on. Flex=not a flat surface=improper prep. It does sound like concrete typically would have low and high spots that could end up giving a feel of "variable give" depending on location on the floor, although maybe no different than a plywood sub floor. Floating floors also work over just about any subfloor. If the sub floor is 1/2 inch thick and it should have been 5/8 or 3/4 of an inch thick, then you may get sponginess or sagging. How to fix a spongy floor in a motorhome, RV or caravan using a non expanding glue Good Luck. My hubby installed a laminate floor In places it feels spongy, is this normal? Part of the subfloor is plywood and part is concrete....all over a crawl space. I've heard many installer say, Nah, you don't need to do all that, just use a good-quality, thick foam underlayment to even everything out...Well, it doesn't. In particular, tongue-and-groove panels create a floating floor that does not require any attachment to the subfloor below. Read below for more information on causes and treatment options. I feel as though the ground is not solid and sinking away beneath me when i walk. My neighbor has the same thing. The question comes down to - when one walks on our new kitchen floor there is a feeling of bouncy and depression of the bamboo planks that doesn't feel quite right. In the UK, most modern building have 8' x 4' chipboard sheets screwed into the joists, and the "floating" floor lays directly on these sheets. Floating bamboo floor failed....need to pull up and start over! I'm have a similar situation, but installed the floor myself. Feels like the floor is moving anxiety symptom can precede, accompany, or follow an episode of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and elevated stress, or occur ‘out of the blue’ and for no apparent reason. Hi Elisa, If the floor feels "spongy" check to see if the floor is too tight to the walls where it gives. There's an underlay that acts as a bit of a shock absorber. The concrete should be swept to remove any debris that can alter the flat surface. Each joist will need one long parallel beam, not several separate wooden lengths. Many people specify and prefer living on a floating wood floor due to this “soft” … If the floor is glued, the glue may tend to crack when the floor is first used. How much movement do you normally feel in a floating type floor installed over foam underlayment? How to Minimize the Bounce of Floating Floors. Rather, it is a method of installing a floor. Am hoping it is something that won't damage the boards, and it's disappointing to. Homeowners can place a level at various points along the subfloor to verify that the subfloor has a constant, flat surface. I let my uncle look at the car as he is a mechanic who has had training working on Mercedes. (When the weather got hot outside and I started using the A/C the buckling decreased significantly, then got worse when the drizzle returned.) One of the local BOX stores..."LOWES" had dropped Bamboo because of the issues (Knew the flooring manager at the time). Are there flooring experts out there that can give an objective opinion? I laid down a Pergo Laminate Wood Floor and it feels very wierd. Right now we have carpeting over that. Floating hardwood floors can be installed above, below, or on grade. I put some heavy items on it to hold it down and I hope after a week or two it will finally settle into place and stay there. Flattening requires properly pouring self-leveling underlayment, or troweling a filler, and possibly grinding down high spots. We never experienced the feel of a floating floor installed on an actual flat surface with the padding, so we aren't sure how much different our floor is. Learn more. Houzz Tour: Modern Houseboat in Vancouver, B.C. I have a 2008 Coachmen Captive 288 FKS and the floor from the front entrance door to the sofa slide out visually gives and feels spongy underfoot. 8 years ago. This makes nailing down each length of flooring unnecessary. I nailed one plank just to see if it … For starters, a floating floor is floating. Did lots of research and then the concrete leveling and grinding down, but what I thought would be acceptable low spots have turned out not to be. Houzz Call: Have a Beautiful Small Bathroom? In a situation like this, what would be the best way to determine if the install was done correctly? The subfloor flatness requirements for a floating floor are the same as for a glue down floor. Sorry to put you through all the detail. Yeah, it's normal. Keep the distance of 8 … I though it was a temperature thing causing the bubble, but it may have been b/c there was cold air getting blown under it. I can tell when I'm walking on it that it's not secure. The Upstairs-Downstairs Connection: Picking the Right Stair Treatment. If you care about the feel of the floor glue down is an excellent option. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. After the floor had already been partially down we discovered significant movement in what was to be a high traffic area. No where in your description is any mention of leveling the existing floor before install. Floating Floors Require Floor Prep – Floating floors do require subfloor prep. Guess what ????? Well the flooring overlapped the vent by about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Floating engineered hardwood floor feeling squishy?!? Do I have to pull the linoleum up to find of the flooring is rotted or is there another fix? No way to answer your question without inspecting the floor. Everything has been fine except about a month ago I noticed that the floor near the front door of the trailer is a little soft right at the entrance. Thanks for the replies. Not laterally, but vertically. Floating floors are a very easy flooring system for a DIY homeowner to install as part of a weekend project. bamboo flooring anyone use costco Strand Woven Bamboo by Wellmade? This is a settling process, and the bonds of the glue break or expand as they settle, growing accustomed to weight being put on the floating floor. Many installers are not installers and consumers suffer for this! It was spongy to the point the pedal went to the floor and it was taking about 5 times longer to come to a stop. Ideally, homeowners should lay quality underlayment or plywood onto the subfloor prior to locking the floor into place. Writing professionally since 2010, Amy Rodriguez cultivates successful cacti, succulents, bulbs, carnivorous plants and orchids at home. Was your flooring installed over a flat surface? Trying to decide between carpet and floating engineered hardwood and have been reading horror stories about floating floors that feel like trampolines. Background: We had engineered Mohawk strand bamboo click and lock planks installed as a floating floor in our kitchen. How to Install a False Floor Over a Basement Slab, Hardwood Installer: Locking Hardwood Floor Systems, How to Fix Floor Deflection for Ceramic Tile, How to Install Solid Wood Floors in Basements. We are laying 120 m2 over 2 levels, im just worried that it will have a spongy feel under foot. Surface water can also cause warping or buckling; water should never be used to clean a floating floor. Thanks all. The kitchen floor is concrete slab above grade. A large defining point of a home is its flooring, from carpet to laminate types. We thought a good underlayment / padding would provide additional insulation and give it an overall softer feel over concrete, but didn't expect a feeling of distinct movement. The floor was professionally installed through the store we bought the product from (they have been very responsive to repairing the splitting and buckling but we are tired of the need and it never stays "fixed.") Any suggestions? These "secondary" floor coverings are supposed to float, meaning they should not actually be fixed to the flat surface underneath. However, what is normal movement for a floating floor is that which occurs after it is installed over a flat surface. The squeaks could have been totally prevented if the builder had installed coarse-threaded screws through the subfloor into the floor joists just before the … Answer Save. How to fix a spongy floor in a travel trailer. If excessive movement is present, which can be confirmed by simply pressing the floor with ones foot to visually see the floor move, the movement may cause the edges of each laminate … It is a great option for when you need to install over radiant heat systems. I have walked around the trailer and don't feel this problem … Could possibly use a thin strip of wood to fill the holes and make it … Ease of installation No way to answer your question without inspecting the floor. I've duct taped the flooring to the vent so that air can no longer get under there and the problem isn't near as bad. This extra layer between the final floor and the subfloor creates a slight cushion for any level anomalies that may have been missed during the concrete floor preparation. That's the theory behind them – the look of a timber floor, but feels softer to walk on. He then pulled up a number of the 5" planks and used a self leveling compound in that area. The tile was ripped up prior to installation of the engineered bamboo. A spongy feel underfoot might indicate that the subfloor is not securely attached to the floor joists. Floating floors should not have any flex in them at all. should i use 6" or 8" plank tiles for a balcony 18'x10'. The manufacturer says it can be glued down. Is laminate flooring spongy? Yes, it was humidity related - and yes, they did not leave enough expansion room around the edge. I noticed when it was the worst, it was really cold. With an electronics degree and more than 10 years of experience, she applies her love of gadgets to the gardening world as she continues her education through college classes and gardening activities. I just had engineered hardwood floor installed in my house about a few days ago. However, what is normal movement for a floating floor is that which occurs after it is installed over a flat surface.
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